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The first S-class shot of the beautiful girl Minami-chan. A student at a school in Meguro and the manager of the baseball club. She usually seems like a serious person, but she is captured by a dangerous man and needs money. Basically, she's a good girl, so she physically de M listens to whatever she says. A beautiful face on fair skin, a beautiful plump young butt is irresistible when you take it off. It's so intense when shaking ass meat! Lots of raw vaginal cum shots with great success! [*Image and sound may be distorted, but please understand that this is not a defect of the product itself]

SABA-650 Lustful high school student
SABA-650 Lustful high school student
 Movie Code: SABA-650 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Saitou Minami 
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